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With over 30 years of experience as a Textile engineer in the knitting industry I founded Knitting Machine Services to buy, sell, repair, service and supply spare parts to most industrial knitting machines including makes such as Dubied, Stoll, Universal and Santagostina. We also can supply and maintain linking machines and cone winders. 



Spare Parts

We supply needles, transfer tools, weights, springs, and can install parts on location.


Knitwear Tours

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"My name is Jerry, and I'm your guy."


Jerry Douglas aka Knitting Machine Services is happy to arrange tours around local working mills in the historic knitwear town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders.  See each process for yourself and learn how garments are knitted up and linked together by skilled knit technicians. Some of these mills employ 200 to 300 people whilst the smaller ones employ just a handful. In each case you will be able to watch and ask any questions you may have.

Let me work my magic.


We work with many industrial knitwear companies and also universities, colleges and small knitwear/ designer studios worldwide. We will recondition your machine, service carriage parts, and work with you to get your machine in tip top condition. We also paint machines, install special carriage cams, and work magic with flooded or damaged machines.

If you want to see what Jerry really does, hop over to his Instagram.